Monday, March 14, 2011

A Real Man's Car

I will preface this by saying I am a Ford man first, American car fan second, and foreign car 'who cares' a distant third. However, this is pretty cool ...

The 1970 Porsche 911S once owned by Steve McQueen will go up for auction this summer. The car was a movie star itself, appearing in the opening of 'Le Mans' (a very cool car movie that you should see). McQueen used the car as his personal transporation during the filming of the movie. He brought the car back to the States with him after the film was completed, but he was forced to sell it when his production company went bankrupt (largely due to the poor box office turned in by Le Mans).

The car is almost the same dark green color that adorned the 1968 fastback Mustang he drove during the movie Bullit.

The NADA street value for the car in very good condition is about $33K. How much higher it will go due to its pedigree, who knows?

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