Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Senseless Tragedy

Tragedies like this one test our faith to incredible lengths ...

This past Sunday, 6 young people died in a mobile home fire near Lake Granbury, here in North Texas. They, and a couple of others, had been celebrating the birthday of a young lady, who died in the fire. The fire, which appears to be accidental, happened after the group fell asleep after a night of drinking and partying. A couple of the young people got out, but 6 of them burned to death. The bodies were burned so badly that dental records had to be used for identification, and even today, 4 days after it happened, one of the victims still has not been positively identified. Authorities are theorizing that they were passed out and never woke up, or were too disoriented to find the way out.

At almost the same time, the sister of one of the dead lost control of her vehicle and drove into a tree. She had left the party and was on her way home. She is in the hospital in critical condition, prognosis unknown.

Six young lives snuffed out in the matter of a few minutes, another one hangs in the balance.

If you believe, please offer up a prayer for the families.

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