Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Behold, The Face Of Evil

Meet Steven Lewayne Nelson, age 24 ....

Mr. Nelson is currently in jail here in North Texas.

Mr. Nelson pulled a knife on his girlfriend last May, choked her, and threatened to kill her. He was not jailed, instead being referred to a counseling program. On Jan' 25 of this year, his couselor wrote that Mr. Nelson had demonstrated changes in behavior and was progressing well, and in February released him from the program. Mr. Nelson has a criminal record that stretches well back into his juvenile days, stealing cars and breaking into houses.

Mr. Nelson is accused of murdering Clint Dobson on March 3. He pinned the 28 year old man down, put his head in a plastic bag, and suffocated him. Clint Dobson was pastor of the NorthPointe Baptist Church, and the attack took place in the church. Judy Elliott, 67, Clint's assistant, was badly beaten, and remains hospitalized.

Mr. Nelson and an accomplice stole some money and Mr. Dobson's car. They were caught on security cameras a couple of hours later at a mall, buying jewelry and clothes with Mr. Dobson's credit cards. According to the arrest warrant, the two had shown up at a friend's house, where they showed off their new jewelry, laughed and told jokes about the killing.

A good man, man who had devoted his life to God and service to his fellow man, is gone, killed by someone who has a long demonstrated history of having no regard for life whatsoever. There is a lot of evil in our world. Some of it is overseas, but a lot of it is right in our own backyards.

Update - In another shining example for our area, Sabra Leavy, age 76, died yesterday. She succumbed to injuries she sustained when a man in a pickup pulled up alongside her in a parking lot, grabbed her purse from his window, and then sped away. He dragged the woman for about 40 feet, until she fell away, only to be run over by the truck's back wheels. According to her daughter, Leavy couldn't have had more than a few dollars in her purse when it was taken.

Police havelocated the truck, and brought in its owner for questioning. As of today, the man had not been charged.

Killing for next to nothing is not new in our society. People stung out on substance abuse, or those brought up in an environment where life is held in such low regard, have been around for as long as I have. Doesn't make it any easier to stomach ...

If this was the guy that was behind the wheel of that truck, then I think proper punishment would be to drag him by his feet around a concrete parking lot, and then run over him a few times. If he survived, give the lady's relative a couple of baseball bats to finish the job. Is that uncivilized of me to say that? Perhaps ... but when dealing with uncivilized animals, I think they should be dealt with in a manner they understand.

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