Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Ding, Dong, The Duck Is Dead

Gilbert Gottfried, owner of the most hideously grating voice in the Western World, got himself into hot water after posting some very bad jokes about Japan after the tsunami hit.

Also known as the voice of the AFLAC Duck, Gottfried really pissed off his AFLAC employers, who get 75% of their business from Japan. They fired him.

You know, besides the fact that making jokes about the tragedy is in really bad taste, insulting the target market of one's employer isn't the brightest thing I've ever heard of.

I hope he's making a lot of money on those Comedy Central Roasts he keeps having bit parts on, 'cause his Duck gravy train just jumped off the tracks! Maybe he and the guy who used to do the Gecko's voice can get together for a redemption tour?

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