Monday, November 1, 2010

The Sarge Rolls Big In Vegas

Tony Schumacher drove 'The Sarge' to victory in Sunday's NHRA event in Las Vegas. His victory pulls him to within 85 points of Larry Dixon, driver of the arch rival Al Anabi dragster. One event remains, the season ending meet at Pomona, CA in two weeks.

Tony set a National Top Fuel speed record during the meet, going over 325mph. Imagine that - zero to 325 miles per hour in about 3 and a half seconds, in 1000 feet of distance. That just simply is beyond comprehension, and almost beyond the laws of physics!

Each round of racing is equal to 20 points. Points are also awarded for qualifying position, and for national speed or ET records. 85 points sounds like a tall order, and it is. However, he has overcome taller climbs in the past to gain the championship. Don't count him, or the Army dragster, out yet!

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