Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Does God Help Your Team Win?

We are constantly bombarded by athletes on TV and radio (and the intenet) thanking God. "First of all, I want to Thank God". "I couldn't have done this without God". And on, and on.

Now I really don't have a problem with this. That is, as long as the athlete is thanking God for a proper reason. Thanks for keeping the athlete from injury. Thanks for keeping the competition safe. Thanks for giving the athlete the talent and skill to complete. Thanks for allowing the athlete to be there at all. Really no problem with that at all.

What I don't care for is athletes who Thank God for their victory. Who give thanks for helping them win over their competitors.

Or those who blame God when they don't win ...

Buffalo Bills' receiver Stevie Johnson dropped an easy touchdown catch in overtime this past weekend against the Pittsburgh Steelers. The catch would have won the game. The Steelers went on to win the game on their next possession. The Bills have been a hard luck team this season, and to be honest are just a bad football team. After the game, Johnson Tweeted to his fans and the world his feelings ...

"I Praise You 24/7, and this is how You do me?"

"You expect me to learn from this? How???"

"I'll never forget this. Ever"

Mr. Johnson has some serious problems if he is blaming God for his butter fingers that dropped that pass. I'm not going to criticize his beliefs, but mine tell me that God doesn't take sides in football games. Why should one team be worthy of His Mercy, and not the other?

Johnson has since released additional comments, trying to say the original comments were a joke. Sorry bud, I ain't buying that. If your ego tells you that you are important enough in the grand scheme of things that God takes a personal interest in your performance on the football field, then dude, I suggest you seek out a good therapist ... seriously ... you need some help.

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