Saturday, November 27, 2010

Tom Delay Guilty

Tom Delay was found guilty of money laudering by a Travis County jury. He faces up to life in prison.

Delay was a very powerful member of Congress, the Majority Leader. He was a political power broker, proud of his nickname 'The Hammer'. Those who were his friends basked in political power. Those who opposed him felt his wrath.

The incident which brought down his house was an incident where he funneled money from National Republican war chests to state level Republicans for their campaigns. Texas has a law which prohibits corporate money from being used in campaigns. A large amount of the national money was from corporations.

The Travis County DA, Ronnie Earle ( a longtime hated rival of Delay) brought an indictment against Delay for money laundering. Earle's motives were strictly political. The case was brought in Austin, the most liberal city in Texas. Delay fought to have the trial moved from Austin, but lost that effort - which ultimately caused his conviction. No where else in Texas would the Travis County DA have found such an anti-Republican jury pool.

Delay will appeal, and his chances are good to get the conviction overturned. Legal experts had pretty much agreed that it was a trumped up case, the prosecution was making a big stretch trying to apply money laundering charges to political donations. But, who knows. This mess has stretched on since 2002, and could continue for years through the appeal process.

I believe the case was a political strike by vindictive Democrats against a powerful enemy Republican. They were wrong to prosecute this.

However, I am glad Delay has fallen. ????

You may be surprised by that, given my card carrying membership in the Vast Right Wing Conspiracy.

Delay was a political power broker. His goal always was to accumulate more political power, and to exercise that power. He didn't have the State of Texas' interests at heart when he was in Washington. He had Tom Delay's interests at heart. He was a textbook example of a power politician - power junkies who get off on power and control, and will do just about anythying to gain and keep that power.

I can't stand people like that.

That's why I hate the Clintons, and the likes of Nancy Peolsi. These people live and breathe power. They want control. They want to be 'worshipped' (yes, worship is the correct word to use). They want to rule, they want to tell others what they have to do, and they want the means ot punishing anyone who stands in their way. Their ultimate goal is to sit on a throne (real or imagined) and look down on everyone else.

They are elected officials, who are supposed to be serving us and our country. Instead, they use us and the country as a ladder to feed their own egos.

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