Thursday, October 28, 2010

WTF, Dude?

I watched Jon Stewart's 'interview' with Obama last night. Ordinarily, I wouldn't have wasted my time, but I was curious ... sometimes Stewart actually has a moment of clarity and questions what the far left is doing. Not often, but ...

What I saw was pretty sickening. Stewart lobbed slow, soft pitch after slow, soft pitch, allowing Obama to spit out all of his desired talking points. It was as if Obama's handlers were in control of the interview - and you know, unless someone can prove otherwise, I believe that His Highness' staff either wrote the questions, or approved them ahead of time. It might as well have been a campaign speech - as far as newsworthy ... sorry, it wasn't.

There were two very telling points during the speech, and both of them should have been shocking. I say should have been, because if it had been anyone but Obama, they would have been headline news.

First, Obama referred to his predecessor directly only once. He blew normal protocol away when he referred to him as "Bush". Not President Bush, not Mr. Bush ... just Bush. That he spoke the name with such unbridled hatred was plain and evident to anyone who saw it.

Second, Stewart interrupted Obama's speech a couple of times, once calling him 'Dude'. Not Mr. President, not Mr. Obama, not Your Holyness. As soon as it came out, you could see Obama give a pause - he was clearly not expecting to be addressed by a loyal subject in that manner. Says a lot about the left that this is what they deem to be a respectful way to address the President of the United States. Says a lot more about the left in that this is very respectful compared to how they address President Bush.

I have seen some left leaning media outlets congratulating Stewart for his hard hitting interview, his tough handling of the President. Huh??? The only thing Stewart was complaining about was that Obama hadn't gone far enough with his agenda.

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