Monday, November 29, 2010

Pissy-Leaks - Why Obama's Outrage Now?

This latest round of Wikileaks has caused the White House and State Department to finally try and get tough with the a*hole who is publishing all of these illegally obtained documents. Hillary Clinton is in full damage control on the airwaves, and flying around overseas like crazy trying to smooth diplomatic feelings over the contents of some of the leaked communications. Eric Holder has come out and sternly stated that if any criminal activity is connected with the leaks, his DoJ will fully invesitigate it. IF?????? Mr. Holder, do you not know that espionage is a crime?

Where have these morons, and their leader His Higness Obama, been? Where was the outrage over the previous leaks, which were centered around defense related documents? Why haven't they captured and jailed the accused rapist who runs the site? Why haven't they killed the site itself? (The technology to do that is certainly available - just ask the Chinese).

The answer is pretty simple, and it is disturbing. The previous leaks actually benefitted Obama and his policies. Anything that embarrasses America's military and the previous Administration is welcome. Those leaks must have had the White House laughing their butts off - and they made no attempt at all to curtail them.

What's changed with this latest round of leaks? Something rather big, it turns out. The majority of the State Department documents leaked have been produced by the Obama Administration and Clinton's Department of State - their efforts, their policies, their personnel. This time, the leaks embarass THEM, and it must be dealt with. Unfortunately for our country, they knew this was coming, they had plenty of warning, and they did nothing to stop it. Now they are in damage control, and not doing a very good job of it.

Some of what I've heard in this round of leaks is actually good information to have out. In no way do I condone the theft, but some of what has come out so far is good for the world to know (a little bit of it, anyway). Some bolsters US stance in the world. Some shows the incompetence of Obama and his policies, and the folks he chose to implement them. They're not laughing now that the egg is on their face, rather than across the Potomac.

They need to find this criminal, get him extradited here, try him, and lock him up for the rest of his life. Espionage. They need to find the person in the State Department that stole all of these documents and gave them to this jerk - and that person needs to rot in jail for the rest of their life. Someone needs to find out how documents classified as SECRET are being swiped by the thousands and provided to someone who uses them to attack our country.

Obama's Administration hasn't been too concerned with stopping this. After all, liberals rejoice in whistle-blowing and illegal information leaks. People who break laws to dump private information, no matter what the consequences, have always been heroes of the Far Left. Now that one of these leakers has hit the hero of the Far Left square in the 'nads, it will be interesting to see the reaction.

Update - Facts are coming to light that indicate Obama and his minions aren't that bothered by the leaks this time, either. The internet servers that mirror the leaker's web site (the locations from which pepople in the Western Hemisphere see the web site) are located in the US and owned by! The DNS that services the site, and the domain name registrar are also located in the US. This means that the DoJ has jurisdiction, and could shut the website down anytime they want to.

The government has proven it has thispower already, when it shut down multiple web sites accused of pirating copyrighted materials last week. They shut down the sites and siezed the domain names.

Apparently, Obama's government thinks protecting a Lady Gaga recording from being reproduced illegally is far more important than stopping this incredible leak of secret government communications and other documents. Says a lot about the Far Left's priorities, doesn't it?

Update II - I saw a comment from John Bolton, former US Ambassador to the UN. His supposition is why should we believe all of those leaked documents? There is nothing that would prevent this criminal and his buddies from throwing in a few fake ones. If they have digital copies of the originals, forging more to say whatever they want would be easy. Hidden amongst all the thousands of other ones, who would know? Their purpose is to embarass and damage the US and its allies - why not add a few fakes ones with really controversial stuff in them to stoke the fires a bit?


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In fairness to her, it's probably just a bit windy.

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