Monday, November 1, 2010


Tomorrow, Nov.2, is election day. It is an off year election, meaning the President isn't on the ballot - at least not officially. This typically means a small turnout. This year will be different.

Nov. 2 is a referendum on Obama and his agenda. No matter what the Democrats say, every vote against a Democrat candidate for any office is a vote against Obama.

Every vote is critical. Not only are the 'big' offices like US Senator, US Congressman, and Governor on the ballot, but thousands of state and local offices are up for grabs. If you vote, don't just vote for the top couple of offices. If you can't spend the time to go down the ballot office by office, choose the straight ticket option - it will cast a vote for every candidate in every race of the party you choose. This will ensure that candidates way down the list benefit from your vote.

If you are a Republican/Conservative, you must go out and vote. Even if your candidate seems to be a slam dunk victor, VOTE! All of those down ballot races depend upon you!

If you are a Moderate, or Independent, and you are sick of what Obama has done, go vote the Republican ticket. That is the only way to slow Him down.

If you are a moderate Democrat, one who is dismayed by the madman and his far left loonies that you helped vote into office, go vote the Republican ticket and help bring some sanity back to our government.

If you are a far left kook, stay home, smoke some dope, watch The View, watch MSNBC. Your vote is not needed. His Highness is doing fine for you, and he doesn't need your help.

Update - Wife unit and I early voted. Process was quick, and fairly well organized. We presented our voter registration cards, they were scanned into the computer, stamped, and we were allowed to vote. I was dismayed that at no point was I asked to produce identification. At no point was I asked to prove that I was the legitimate holder of the registration card.

I think of all the places, functions, and situations where I have to produce a government issued photo ID to prove who I am. Yet I do not have to do so when I exercise the most important civic duty I have - voting. Why do we not require folks to prove they have the right to vote in order to cast a vote? The answer is obvious, and disturbing ... Democrats count on illegally cast votes all over the nation to win races. This is why they passionately fight any kind of voter fraud reform efforts.

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