Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Election Scattershooting

California defeated Prop 19, which would have legalized pot. The measure was defeated by about 10 points state wide. One of the two areas to approve the measure was San Francisco. I am shocked - San Francisco voting to legalize mind altering drugs?

Harry Reid's campaign manager appearing on MSNBC after the race was called, attributed his victory to the unbelievable support of unions, who brought in thousands of people and millions of dollars from outside the state to influence the election. Imagine that - a bunch of union thugs came in and stole the election, and he publicly states that it is something to be proud of!

I spent entirely too much time watching the returns on TV. Most of the time was spent with Fox News, but it was instructive to hit some of the other channels as well. MSNBC was hilarious - somehow they were trying to convince their tiny audience that this was a good result for Democrats, that it showed how fractured the Tea Party had made the Republicans, and it was a glorious victory that some of the Tea Party candidates were defeated. All of their pundits were predicting that this victory was actually going to doom the Republican Party. WTF are those idiots smoking - San Francisco's pot?

CNN was universally the slowest major network to call races. Every race they called had been called, with exactly the same prediction, by Fox News 5-10 minutes earlier. Couple this with the fact that several of their pundits uttered lines that had been spoken verbatim on Fox a few minutes earlier, and it looked to me that CNN had cut their budget by laying off all of its researchers, and were just watching Fox News to get their material.

CNN's absolutely horrible political panel forum was on prime display last night. Two tables full of political has-beens and far left kook media talking heads argued, yelled, and fought amongst themselves so much that there wasn't a single coherent thought that came out of them. This is the second election they have tried that format - someone really ought to tell them it ain't working ...

The City of Denver defeated a ballot initiative that would have required the City to publicly begin tracking illegal aliens. NO ... not those illegal aliens ... illegal SPACE ALIENS. I am not kidding. The strangest part of that is that it was in Denver, not San Francisco.

More proof that California is the most f***ed up state in the Union. Jerry Brown, far left kook flake, wins the governor's chair for the third time. This is the guy who was run out of Sacramento on a rail for his fiscal insanity during his last tenure in office. CA is already bankrupt ... hard to imagine it getting any worse for the state, but it is going to! Couple that with Barbar Boxer squeeking out reelection, and you've got a state that continues to prove that it would be best for the rest of the country if the Big One hits and CA sinks into the Pacific.

Democrats, led by Obama are now calling for more cooperation, more compromise, more hands across the aisle ... BULLSHIT! Democrats offered no compromise when they swept into power in 2006 and 2008. Now they want to be cooperative??? If Republicans fall for this, they will have completely misread the meaning of this election. The GOP has made historic gains because the vast majority of the county wants Obama stopped! If that means being the Party of NO, then that's fine. If the House majority does nothing but stop the Obama agenda, then it has succeeded.

The central Texas Congressional seat saw incumbent Democrat Chet Edwards trounced by Republican newcomer Bill Flores. Edwards had been in that seat for almost 20 years. He had survived election after election, being a Democrat in a overwhelmingly Republican district, by being moderate (and to be honest) helping champion military causes. (Ft. Hood is in his district). When Obama swept into power, Edwards became a Pelosi lapdog, doing her bidding and voting with her almost every single time. He voted against Obamacare - but he was allowed to do so by Pelosi after it became clear his vote was not needed to pass it. The public saw through him and his lying campaign rhetoric, and sent him packing back to Waco.

Eddie Bernice Johnson handily won reelection as Congressional rep from South Dallas, even though she had been tainted by the scholarship scandal recently. Just goes to show that if you are a minority representative to a overwhelmingly minority district, and your schtick is race baiting and telling your constituents that they should get everything form the government for free, you can pretty much get away with murder and still win reelection.

Update - a few more gems ....

MSNBC has suspended Keith Oblermann for making donations to political candidates, including one who he hosted on 'his show' several times. The screeching lunatic made the donations without seeking the network's permission, which is a violation of NBC's internal policies. Imagine that - they let this lunatic spew his vile hatred across the airwaves for years, and now they suspend him for donating to a politician's reelection? Yeah, I want to be rid of him, but that is one of his less offensive offenses .... (he should have been fired many moons ago)

Left wing pundits, manistream media sources, Democrats, and a few RINOS are telling anyone who will listen that the new Republican majority has to compromise with Obama and the Democrats. Can't have gridlock, country wants compromise, got to have bipartisanship .... BULLSHIT. The country didn't elect compromise on Nov. 2, it elected to reject Obama and the far left agenda. Those who came to power in 2008 believing theyhad a mandate to fundamentally change our country now want to cling to some power, in hopes of keeping intact the damage they have already done. If Obama wants to come across the aisle and help undo some of the damage he has done, then it is fine for him to compromise. Unfortunately, his definition of compromise is for Republicans to cave in to what he wants.

Look at political compromise in our recent past. George W. Bush bent over backwards to compromise with Democrats. Even with majorities in both sides of Congress, he went out of his way to address Democrat concerns and causes. Instead of forcing Conservative values and legislation ont he country, as he could have, he stood in the middle and 'compromised'. While he did many great things, and kept this country from falling apart financially post 9/11, he allowed the Federal Government to grow far too big. He listened to the left too much. What did he get for it? He was savaged by the same people he bent over backwards to accomodate. What did we get for it - big, expensive government.

Barack Obama came into office riding the lie of governing from the middle, wanting to compromise and become the great uniter. He immediately showed us that he had no such intention of following up on that campaign platform. Can anyone out there name a SINGLE thing that Obama/Pelosi/Reid compromised with Republicans on? Democrats used their majorities to shove their far left agenda down our throats, and no Republican dissent was tolerated.

Why should there now be this great call to compromise? Because the losers always want to compromise in order to stay relevant.

As Obama and so many of his minions told us -


Update II - I just saw that Pelosi has decided she will grace us by running for Minority Leader of the House. It's not a guarantee she will win - her arrogance and far left kook stance caused many of the Democrat losses in the election, and many of the remaining Dems (and the Democrat national leadership) have got to be wary of her causing a repeat in 2012.

It will be so nice to see Pelosi, self appointed Queen of the United States, have to eat some humble pie and stand in the background. She will not be sitting behind Obama as he lectures Congress anymore. She will not be jetting around on her personal Air Force anymore. She will not be sitting in her throne room anymore - John Boehner will! I hope she gets banished to one of those closet sized offices across the street. I hope she has to fly commercial (gasp!) on her way back and forth to the sin pit of San Francisco. Better yet, put her on a Greyhound bus, where she belongs.

I would love to see John Boehner get himself a Louisville Slugger. Every time she opens her mouth, he needs to whack her up the side of her head, and yell "Shut The F*** Up".

She treated Republicans, moderate Dems, and the American public as trailer trash - things to be manipulated and ridiculed. She will demand that she be treated with dignity now in her new position (providing she wins it) - she should receive exactly what she deserves!

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Margot said...

I wonder if Michelle Obama is still proud of her country? (then again she may be too busy packing for the 200 million $ per day trip she is taking to think about it). Seeing Boehner instead of Pelosi on my TV today was better than Christmas morning! However with the federal government getting ready to spend $1 trillion to buy bonds, I wonder if last night will truly make a difference or if we have gotten the fire department to the burning building too late. By 2012 I probably won't have electricity to watch the presendential returns.