Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Where Are Holder And The Rest Of Obama's DoJ Brownshirts?

I want to know why Obama's puppet Eric Holder and his army of DoJ Democrat operatives aren't front and center in this Miller/Zimmerman mess. Specifically on these two issues, they should be leading an intense investigation into these hate crimes related to the main case:

First, noted 'film director' and racial pot stirrer Spike Lee has taken upon himself the sacred duty to publicly out the address of George Zimmerman, to facilitate demonstrations and attacks on the man's home and his family. Lee has done this via twitter. Unfortunately, he tweeted the wrong address. After it was pointed out as incorrect, he tweeted it again - the same incorrect address. The poor elderly couple who lived at the address he outed have been forced form their home and are living in hiding at an undisclosed hotel.

The couple should sue Lee for everything he has for doing this.

Lee should be brought up on hate crime charges, no matter if the address was correct or not, because he was facilitating a racially motivated attack on a private citizen.

Second, the head of the New Black Panthers publicly stated he was offering a $10,000 bounty for George Zimmerman. I haven't seen the text of the offer, but I am pretty sure he wasn't offering the money to have Mr. Zimmerman join him for a cup of coffee to discuss the situation. A private citizen offering a bounty on another private citizen is equal to offering a murder for hire contract. This man should immediately be arrested and charged as such. Has not happened.

The man was arrested, but for an old illegal weapons charge, which he has since been bailed out on.

Not only has Obama's DoJ not acted on either of these heinous acts, we haven't heard so much as a peep of condemnation from Eric Holder, DoJ spokespersons, or even His Highenss himself on these hate crimes or their perpetrators.

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