Wednesday, March 28, 2012

The Shame of the Race Baiters

I've held my tongue on the Travon Miller/George Zimmerman mess in Florida, until now. The words that have been written and spoken on this would fill terrabytes of disk space. I don't have any words of wisdom that will change anyone's mind on this, but I do have words!

My words will be reserved for the sorry bastards who are flying off the handle with irresponsible acts and statements, and those dregs of our society who are seeking to profit from the tragedy.

I am amazed at how quick to judge, criticize, condemn, and capitalize a lot of public figures are on this. Have they learned nothing from the past? Did they not pay attention to the Tawana Brawley fiasco? Have they not heard of the Duke Lacrosse team? The answer is, of course they know of them, and of course they will disregard them, because exercising a sane level of restraint does not serve their purpose.

Did we hear The Rev. Jesse Jackson, or Al Sharpton, of the head of the NAACP issue apologies in the wake of those two incidents, where they were clearly shown to have fanned the flames of racism for something that did not happen? Of course not. In their minds, the incidents, the alleged victims, and the wrongfully accused are inconsequential - being down with 'the struggle' and capitalizing on the moment was the only thing that mattered.

Why are we not heading outrage from the Latino community about this? After all, George Zimmerman is a self described Hispanic. Not to mention a registered Democrat. Don't be conned by the idiots who refer to him as white - he is half white and half Hispanic. By the measuring method used for His Highness Obama himself, this means he is 100% through and through authentically Hispanic.

Latinos ought to be outraged at the treatment of Zimmerman, and the hate speech that blacks have thrown at him. This is racism pointed at them from another minority, and they should not stand for it!

What does it say about Miller's mother, when she files for a trademark on her son's name? The only possible reason for doing so is to make money off of it. She appears to be trying to cash in on the tragedy, which I find disgusting.

What does it say about our President, the leader of our country (for better or worse) when he comes out and refers to Miller as someone he would have been proud of to call 'son'? Of course, that was when the public portrayl of Miller was as a child saint. Now that details of Miller's actual persona are coming out, we haven't heard anything from POTUS retracting or quantifying his statement, have we?

Does this mean that His Highness would be proud to have a thief, a gold grill wearing thug wannabe, a delinquent defacer of school property, a drug user, and a racially and sexually abusive Tweeter whose self chosen handle is NO_LIMIT_NIGGA - as a son?

What does it say about our President and his reelection campaign when they decide to start offering hoodies for sale as as campaign merchandise when this story started to break big in the press?

What does it say about a Democrat member of Congress who shows up on the House floor to deliver a rambling, incoherrent statement on how Miller's death is an attack on all blacks, dressed in a hoodie (in direct violation of the dress code of the US House of Representatives)?

Do you think all of those entrepeneurs who are selling T-shirts idolizing Miller and condemming the racist murderer Zimmerman are giving them away for free? Do you think they are donating their proceeds to programs for troubled youth, or for scolarships to send at risk kids to college? Maybe they are sending the money to Obama to help pay down the deficit, or to pay for health care for the poor? Oh HELL NO ... those leeches are pocketing the cash and running away, and I would bet you that they aren't reporting any of that income to Obama's IRS brownshirts!

I don't know what happened that night. I know what I've heard, which is Zimmerman's side and the statements of the one eye witness. I know the police report backs up Zimmerman and the witness through the physical evidence of the injuries Zimmerman suffered. I know the wild rush to judge statements coming from people who have already decided in their own minds what happened, and are making racially provacative statements based on nothing but what they want the facts to be.

I do think this should go to a grand jury. I do think that people on both sides should STFU, and wait for the evidence to be heard. I do think that bigwigs and bigwig wannabes who are trying to get in front of the cameras to stroke their own egos should be ignored, and chastised by the media, not treated as sound bite Gods. I do think the POTUS should stop inserting himself into racially charged situations, especially before the facts are known - He has made a habit of doing this, and it is way beneath the status of the Office of the President to act so irresponsibly.

I do know that I'm sick of the so called leaders who act so outraged, yet in reality salivate at the thought of incidents like this so they can get in front of the public and act like they are relevant. Bottom feeders who make a very good living off of making sure racial relations in this country stay as bad as possible - for if there was racial harmony, they'd have no way to make a living!

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