Tuesday, March 20, 2012

More Obama Fiscal Outrage

The latest outrageous waste of our tax money by the Obama clan ...

One of His Highness' daughters decided to go to Mexico with some of her friends for Spring Break. Details are very sketchy, and the White House has requested that information on the trip be removed from the internet and other reporting outlets (which is valid, and smart - if they are stupid enough to expose their daughter to the dangers of Mexico, you don't want to advertise her location to all the drug runners, kidnappers, and jihadists who might see her as an esay mark).

25 Secret Service agents are providing her security, along with an unreported number of Mexican police. Her travel method was not disclosed (at least nowhere I found), so I do not know if any official US aircraft or other travel methods were used.

The salaries, travel costs, hotel costs, meal costs for at least 25 highly trained US Secret Service agents amounts to a whole bunch of tax payer money. All wasted, so that one of the Big O's kids can go on Spring Break (at age 13!).


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