Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Obama's Re-election Air Force In Action

The Big O had to get his college hoops fix. He drug along the UK Prime Minister with him. He flew from Andrews AFB to Dayton to attend a first round game between Western Kentucky University and MIssissippi Valley State (two incredible basketball powerhouses!).

Figure three hours flight time to Dayton and back for Air Force One. Add the second VC-25, which always accompanies him. At a stated $180,000 per hour just to fly a VC-25, and the cost for the two aircraft for this little jaunt comes to over a million dollars in tax payer funds. This doesn't count the cost of the C-17 transports that carried his limos and support vehicles, those vehicles operating costs, and the cost for all the staff, both federal and local who were paid for the time to support the President. You probably wouldn't be far off if you guessed a total cost of about 4 million out of our pockets so His Highness could take in a game and get a photo op for the press.

Missus Big O is going out to San Fran for a private fund raiser. She will undoubtedly commandeer her personal C-37 (Air Force version of the 757 airliner) to carry her and her hangers on from Washington out to San Fran and back on March 30. At a private fundraiser for His reelection campaign, those fortunate few will be allowed to hand over a thousand dollars just to get in the door. A very select group will ba allowed to fork over $35,800 to get a 'Hi' from the Missus Big O and a hastily propped photo with her and up to 5 of your friends.

(Who comes up with these 'charges? The DNC, I would guess ... but why the wierd numbers? Why not just $40K?)

10 hours in the air for the 757, plus the cost of all the staff and security accompanying her. Any guesses as to how much the taxpayers are getting soaked so the DNC and Obama's campaign can fill up their war chests?

This pair of operators has to the the biggest team of thieves the world has ever seen!

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