Monday, March 19, 2012

Left Wing Kook = Hypocrite

Elle MacPherson has graced us with her wit and wisdom on politics.

The 'supermodel' had this exchange with Howard Stern on his radio program:

Stern: "You like Obama?"

Elle: "Yeah, I'm living in London and I'm Socialist. What do you expect?"

So, the airhead sticks her foot in her mouth on two counts.

First, she semi-directly calls Obama a Socialist - or at the very least someone that Socialists would support. Since the word 'Socialist' is a hard negative term for about 90-95 percent of Americans, Obama's campaign has to be gasping at her idiocy.

Second, there is no way in hell that Elle Macpherson is a Socialist. By claiming to be one, she shows us her lack of knowledge on such a basic subject.

According to Webster's dictionary:

Socialist - A person who is in favor of Socialism - or a member of a political party that seeks to set up Socialism.

Socialism - Any of the various systems in which the means of producing goods are publicly owned, with all people sharing in the work and the goods (or wealth) produced.

Ms. Macpherson was reported by Forbes Magazine to have a net worth of over $60 million dollars in the middle of 2011. She did not earn or collect any of that money in a Socialist state.

Ms. Macpherson collects millions of dollars each year in fees and royalties from her various enterprises and endorsements. All of what she produces and collects relies on Capitalism. She would not exist as a public figure, and certainly not a very rich public figure, in a Socialist state.

So, Ms. Macpherson, if I may make a suggestion. I offer this in all honesty so that you can keep from making a fool of yourself again. Stop pretending to be something if you haven't a f***ing clue what that something is!

Either that, or start signing over about 95% of what you bring in each year to the Federal Government for redistribution.

The photo above is not Elle Macpherson. Is is some nameless model wearing a bra from Ms. Macpherson's line of signature underwear. This little piece of cloth retails for $105.00. The matching panty goes for another $60.00.

Not exactly something geared towards all her 99%er comrades out there fighting the oppressive imperialist, capitalist dogs, is it? If she was a true Socialist, her name should be on plain, featureless, white cotton underwear, one size fits all, available free of charge to all women at the local Federal Government Giveaway Center.

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