Wednesday, March 21, 2012

GOP's War on Women - An Explanation For The Left

You can't turn on the news, or a radio, or open a newspaper (print or on-line) these days without being assaulted by waves of coverage about the outrageous War on Women that has been declared by the Republican Party.

I have an explanation for this for those of you on the left (that is if any left leaning folks actually read this - if you are on the left, please do me and yourself the favor of reading the rest of this post).

This whole thing pretty much started when Obama's HHS pet Sebelious issued an edict that all employers MUST provide free contraceptives to their female employees through insurance or other health coverage. This edict had no provisions for any employers that had moral or religious objections to doing so.

The Catholic Church immediately cried foul. Forcing them to do this for employees of their church or church affiliated/sponsored entities directly violates a central pillar of their religious belief. (now, it is VERY important to note that Catholics, particularly northeastern Catholics, and the church leadership consists of overwhelmingly liberal Democrats. This was not a Republican vs. Democrat reaction on the Church's part.)

After enduring a torrent of criticism, Obama backtracked, and issued a modification of the mandate, which when looked at closely, is even more heinous to the Catholic Church than the original. However, that's sidestepped, and the Great Compromiser gloats over how he has defused the situation.

Those on the right immediately jumped in, crying out against the attack by Obama against the Catholic Church's beliefs, and the violation of the Freedom of Religion guaranteed us by the Constitution.

Obama's campaign folks and the mainstream media jumped at the chance to spit out a twisted spin of this, portraying it as an attack on 'women's health', 'women's rights', 'women's reproductive freedoms', etc. Mainstream media, such as NBC news, is doing all they can to frame this as an attack on women't rights, and an attempt by the right to prevent any woman from having access to contraceptives. They've gone so far as to call it a War on Women - the now generally accepted catch phrase used by the left.

What is being said by members of the left and their media mouthpieces are complete fabrications - out and out lies made specifically for political attacks against conservatives and Republicans.

All anyone on the right or in the Catholic Church has complained about is Obama forcing the Church to PAY for contraception for its employees as part of their healthcare. Nothing about trying to prevent Catholic women from buying and using contraceptives. There was absolutely nothing said by the Church, Romney, Santorum, Limbaugh, O'Reilly, or anyone else about preventing women from obtaining and using contraceptives. Nothing. Nada. Never mentioned.

If you doubt this, ask youself what Republican have you actually heard directly state what the media is reporting they are saying. Have you actually heard Mitt Romney, or Rick Santorum, or anyone else actually state that they want to prevent women from getting contraceptives? I'm not talking about second hand reports through the media, or through such a*holes like Media Matters. Who have you actually heard state this?

Why is the left doing this? Obama's re-election. They are trying to manufacture an issue to whip up female resentment towards Republicans. Obama and his minions know that he is in trouble with female voters, many of whom have opened their eyes to what the man is and what he is doing.

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