Sunday, March 4, 2012

More Eric Holder Insanity

Eric Holder, the most incompetent political hack Attorney General in American history, has stuck it to the American people again, at the behest of his boss.

Meet Tony West. Mr. West is Holder's selection to fill the number 3 position at the DoJ. This position is currently tasked with crafting policy regarding the terrorist prisoners held at Gitmo.

Mr. West is best known for his defense of convicted terrorist John Walker Lindh. You may remember Mr. Lindh, a Gitmo detainee, an American captured in Afghanistan while fighting with the Taliban against American troops. Mr. Lindh, who is now serving a 20 year sentence.

Now, Mr. Lindh was entitled to a defense attorney during his trial, even in a military tribunal. However, that shouldn't enhance the attorney's resume for a top level policy position within the DoJ, particularly one overseeing Gitmo. This is particularly true considering Mr. West continued promoting Mr. Lindh after the trial, stating in public that Mr. Lindh had a lot to offer society after his release.

The firm that West worked for at the time also defended two other terrorists housed at Gitmo.

Mr. West is clearly not qualified to serve in any top position at DoJ, due to this incredible conflict of interest.

West was a finance co-chair for Obama's campaign in the 2008 election.

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