Thursday, June 2, 2011

Weiner's Weiner Starring In Weiner-Gate

Rep. Anthony Weiner (D-NY) is an A*hole.

He is an abusive, abrasive, in your face far left kook Democrat in the House of Representatives. He has been recorded shouting insults at his collegues on the House floor. He is one of the most combative Democrats around. He has been steadily climbing the Democrat ladder in the HOuse, where his socialist style fits in perfectly with the Obama mantra. Weiner has been quick to attack any Republican person or idea, no matter what the subject. He was one of Pelosi's favorite attack dogs.

Rep. Weiner is caught up in what should be a major scandal, after a lewd photo of himself appeared to be sent to a woman through his Twitter account.

So, Weiner takes a picture of his erect junk on his cell phone. Why would he do that, if he's not going to send it to someone? Maybe he's going to have it printed and frame it for his wall? Maybe he thinks it will be a good wallpaper? There is no explanation that is not perverted or creepy.

According to Weiner, someone supposedly hacks into his Twitter account, surfs around on his cell phone, finds the picture, and sends it to someone - not just a someone but a female someone. Supposedly this has been done by a political enemy trying to embarass him. Right ... Dude, do you expect anyone to seriously accept that?

Weiner takes the high ground and doesn't involve law enforcement. He hires a private security person to investigate, obstensibly to save taxpayer dollars. Bullshit alert! In reality, if he had involved law enforcement, and it turns out he did all this himself, he'd be up for criminal charges for filing a false police report.

By the way ... Weiner is married.

You know the biggest damn shame of this? No one is going to care. He's a Democrat, a far left kook fringe fly off the handle lunatic Democrat. Behaviour like this is not only accepted, but applauded by the people who vote for him. This will not harm him. No one is going to try and force him to resign over this.

If Weiner was Republican, what do you think would happen to him? I'll tell you ... he would have already been forced to resign, the main stream media would have him front and center in an all out assault on another Republican pervert scandal, and Democrat leadership would be using it to attack everything Republican to take the focus away from their failures. Since he's a Democrat, ain't no big thing ... (that's what she said!)

Update - Another woman has come forward with claims that she and Weiner had an on-line 'relationship' in which they exchanged messages and intimate photographs. IF this is true, then this man should be run out of Congress immediately.

Update - So, he now admits everything. He admits to the photos, and hundreds of emails, twitters, and phone calls. He lied to us. He lied to us in an official capacity. He stood up and cried for the cameras, and took questions for 27 minutes. Mainstream media are fawning over him, admiring his honesty and for being a stand up guy for admitting to it. He refuses to resign, stating that his personal issues have nothing to do with his official capacity.

Where is the outrage over this? C'mon, Ms. Pelosi - why aren't you front and center demanding his resignation? After all, you were going to drain the swamp, weren't you? OH ... I forgot ... that only applied to Republicans ...

You know, this is going to become a badge of honor for him, just like getting a Lewinski is a badge for Clinton.

Update - Well, Democrats are now turning on Weiner like a bunch of rats jumping away from, well, another rat. Dems from Harry Reid on down are distancing themselves from him, offering no support, and is some cases calling for him to resign.

On the surface, one might think that they are just doing the right thing, expressing their displeasure with a colleague who has disgraced himself and Congress.

However, when you look further into it, you see their true motivation. The public backlash over this incident is embarrassing Dems, and creating a negative focus point. They can't stand that, and they can't afford it as a distraction. They can't risk having this drag out in a Republican led House Ethics Committee investigation. Even though he is one of their Golden Kook attack dogs in Congress, they're going to throw him under the bus in order to save their own skins. Admirable, in their minds ...

Update - All the Dems are begging for Weiner to go away. So far, he won't do it, Apparently he thinks going to counseling will get him off the hook.

As bad as this idiot is, the longer he hangs around, the better for Republicans. As much as I want to see this guy flushed down a toilet, we would be better served if he manages to hang around until the 2012 election season.

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