Monday, May 30, 2011

Economic Crossroads

This country, along with much of the Western World, stands at an economic crossroads. This critical time may be unmatched in our country's history, including the Great Depression. The downturn started before the 2006 mid-term elections, triggered by post-Katrina gas prices, sub-prime mortage lending, and Democrat verbal attacks on the economy (to help them take control of Congress). Obama's coronation and two years of unchecked attack on the economy by him, Reid, and Pelosi has us falling into a double dip recession, and we now stand at the brink of a depression.

Democrats continue to give lip service, saying the economy is recovering. It is not. There are no indicators that indicate anything better than a slight leveling off. There is no recovery taking place.

Obama's lunatic spending spree is causing this. Out of control Federal spending has dug us a debt hole that the country may never be able to crawl out of. Repeated issuing of new dollars without anything to back them has devalued the dollar and eroded confidence in our currency all around the world. Obama is now planning another round of money printing, which will make the problem much worse.

Our government, Obama primarily, is roadblocking Republican efforts to cut spending and reduce our deficit. They are doing this to help their relelection chances next year. They don't want any of their voting block hurt by budget cuts prior to the election, for fear of alienating them. Keeping their power is much more important to them than our country itself.

As I said, we are at a crossroads.

If Obama continues his current path, we will be in a Depression that makes the one of the last century look like happy days. The liberal text book of economics does not work - it has never worked. Yet, their only answer is to double down on their beliefs, which drives us closer to the edge. Their only answer is to spend and tax more and more. They will never admit they are wrong - to do so would admit that their vision of government being all powerful and controlling is flawed.

If Republicans in the House can block Obama's efforts, and start to reign in some of the damage, it will send a positive sign to our country and the entire world. If Republicans can take control of the Senate next year, as is predicted, the negative tide will turn. If Obama can be kicked out of office and replaced by a fiscal conservative, we are set up for a tremendous recovery.

It seems to me that America is fed up with being in the shit. Our country is just waiting for a sign from its leaders that sanity will return. Once the sign is there, I fully expect the economy to come roaring back. Business will expand, business will build, business will hire if business has a reason to believe it will be allowed to succeed. Business and the private sector will rescue this country, not Obama and the socialist utopia he is trying to create.

We need a government that understands this, and gets the hell out of the way.

I don't know about you, but I think it sure would be nice to feel good about the direction of our country once again.

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Margot said...

"It seems to me that America is fed up"... While I know some people in America are fed up, I am not sure you can quantify that number. The danger, I believe, is that many Americans are uninformed and apathetic. Thus - the crossroads that you talk about is ever more crucial. We may slide into the abyss as Americans who are better qualified to vote for American Idol than the American president pay no attention until it is too late.