Thursday, June 9, 2011

Weiner-Gate - The Global Phenom

The incredible number of hits I've gotten due to my Weiner post below led me to do some digging. I've gotten hundreds of hits per day, all from internet searches keying on "Weiner", or "Weiner-gate", or 'Rep. Weiner".

It is clear that people all over the world are scouring the internet for anything they can find on this scandal. I've gotten hits from places as far flung as Qatar, Singapore, both Koreas, most of the South American countries, all over Europe, among others.

Now, I don't attribute this to te popularity of my blog - I'm not nearly that vain! It's simply because the title of that posting causes it to appear in a lot of seartch engines, especially Google (the parent of this Blog site).

What I have found curious is the number of hits I have received from inside the US Government, particularly the House of Representatives. While I cannot tell what office the traffic is coming from, I can tell you this ...

Note the number of 'Reactions' to the post that disagree with it (4 at the time of this post). At the time of each of those disagreements, someone from the US House of Representatives was viewing that post.

I have no way to prove it, but I suspect that someone from Mr. Weiner's office, or operatives working for other Democrat members of the House, are actively searching the internet during business hours to find negative reactions to Weiner's situation, and doing whatever they can to fight it.

It won't happen, but it would be nice for an investigation to take place, to see how much tax payer money is being spent illegally by Democrats in Congress and their staff members to wage this (losing) campaign against the negative reaction to Rep. Weiner. It would be easy to do - computer records of all Federally owned computers are property of the government, and it would be a crime for anyone to try and erase their tracks.

My advice to anyone from Mr. Weiner's office who is out there wasting their time (and committing a crime by doing it from a government owned computer and on government time) trying to change the tide of public opinion through such pathetic acts as disagreeing with me, is that you would be better served sending out your resume and looking for a new job. Your boss ain't gonna be your boss for much longer!

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