Sunday, June 19, 2011

Mr. Perry For Pres?

It certainly appears that Texas Governor Rick Perry will announce he's running for President before too much longer.

This is already drawing responses from Democrats and Republicans alike from all over the country - not another Texan!

Well, let me point out some facts about the Governor of our state:

He is the longest serving Governor in Texas History, having taken the reigns when George W went to the White House.

He has run the most successful state in the Union during mulitple economic messes that have occurred since 9/11. People may try to argue that, but they can't based on facts. Texas continues to have the best economy and job situation of any major state. Just ask all the yankees who continue to move here by the thousands each year in search of work.

He is a 'no apologies conservative'. He will work with Dems when they will work with him, but he will not become a moderate just to win votes. He works across the aisle when it is to the benefit of his conservative agenda.

He has a forceful personality. He is charasmatic. He comes across well as a public speaker. He is not afraid to come out and criticize his opponents. He is not afraid to address in blunt terms the lunacy that is going on in Washington today.

He does have a few skeletons in his closet. If you haven't already, you will hear about immiment domain, toll roads, HPV vaccinations, and other stuff. I admit to not agreeing with everything Perry has done during his tenure. However, I would take him with some minor issues over any Democrat and most Republican contenders - no question about it.

I've heard Dem pundits on TV already attacking him. They recognize a legitimate threat, and are focusing attacks on him even though he's not in the race. So far, the substance of the attacks is just juvenile, and ought to be embarrassing for them.

Perry/Bachmann. Perry/Pawlenty. Either of those tickets would work for me. Perry/Romney would be great for the country, though neither of them would agree to it. That would be an incredible team for our country - Perry leading the country, with Romney serving basically as CFO. My goodness - the potential of that team versus the pair of clowns we've got in there now is off the chart.

If you need evidence from other sources, just look at how the mainstream media is savaging Perry after his recent speeches. Sarah Palin is perhaps the only Republican who has gotten attacked with this much fervor. We know what that means - the left fears him.

Also, there is no other candidate that is generating as much excitement with Rush Limbaugh. Rush does not endorse candidates, but he's come as close as he ever has with his praise of Perry and his statements.

Folks, you have to remember/realize - we are not going to get Obama out of office by fielding a middle of the road, tepid, moderate candidate. We had that with John McCain, and look what happened. We need a conservative with a conservative, non-apologetic message - one who conservatives will rally behind and has a strong fiscal message. That will win. Conservatives are 40% of the voting population. Liberals are 22%. The mid-terms of 2010 proved that a lot of moderate/independents in the country will vote for a fiscal conservative, especially if their choice is to leave Obama in office.

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Margot said...

I have no problem with "another Texan" as long as his wife won't take expensive, lavish unnecessary trips (with all her friends), have unnecessary staff to take care of her while in the White House, send the family dog on another plane for the family vacation, touch the Queen of England, OR TELL ME AND MY CHILDREN WHAT TO EAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!