Thursday, June 16, 2011

Those Silly Canadians ...

Canadians take their hockey seriously. It's popularity rivals that of football here in the US.

Canadians have been pissed off for years that several of their pro hockey teams packed up and moved south of the border. This year, they were going to get some revenge. The Vancouver Canucks played the Boston Bruins for the Stanley Cup.

The hard fought series went down to game 7, where the Canucks suffered a meltdown and lost 4-0.

Vancounver is kind of like closeby Seattle. Kind of laid back, liberal leaning - really a beautiful city. It sure turned ugly after the loss, however.

Riots. Burning, overturned Police cars. Smashed windows, looted stores.

I was taken aback by the photos of the carnage, which showed mostly clean cut young people in hockey jerseys going nuts and taking videos of themselves.

You just have to wonder how much of this was true anger at the team letting them down, and how much was it a bunch of a*holes looking for an excuse to destroy stuff.

Way to go, Canada. Nice sportsmanship, eh?

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