Thursday, June 16, 2011

Another Eco-Scam

The University of Colorado's Sea Level Research Group has been caught red handed falsifying data in order to advance their position on man made global warming. It's so blatant, and they don't think there is anything wrong with it, that they don't try to deny it.

The Research Group is heavily relied upon for sea level data by governments, businesses, and individuals around the world. Their data on sea level, accompanied by those pretty, scary charts that show our coastline disappearing soon when all the glaciers melt, is seen as gospel. Well, their scripture is full of lies.

The Research Group's Director Steve Nerem freely admitted that the group has been adding 0.3mm to each annual set of numbers. That sounds miniscule, but bear with me ...

The reason for this falsification of the data is this: The Earth's land masses are actually rising up out of the sea, part of the normal plate mechanics that govern our Earth's composition, mechanics that take place over hundreds of thousands of years. This rising actually causes the world's oceans to be able to hold more liquid water (as opposed to frozen water). Eco-Nazis running the center decided to cancel this rising effect out of their measurements, because it made their measurements not show what they wanted them to show.

Add .3mm to each year's measurement, and you cancel out a completely natural phenomenon, and make your presentation look more dramatic.

.3mm does not sound like much, and if you're talking about a square inch of water surface, it is not. .3mm applied to the world's oceans is one hell of a lot of phantom water. .3mm is 3 times the actual, measured rising rate. So, Mr. Nerem and his buds believe that it is perfectly fine to overstate their findings by 300% in order to prop up their eco-emergency crap.

Eco-nazis and their rich fat cat supporters refer to this type of lying as agreed upon scientific fact - fact that cannot be challenged.

Sorry, it's just a lie.

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