Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Sheriff Joe Needs To Be Put In The Slammer

Obama the Immaculate proclaimed that Joe Biden was the new Sheriff in town, a fiscal hawk that would watch over our tax dollars with a fine tooth comb. He went so far as to proclaim that 'no one messes with Joe' during a State of the Union speech - in direct reference that Obama had put Biden in charge of looking after how stimulus money was being spent. Biden received a standing ovation from Congress at that proclamation.

So, how is Sheriff Joe doing?

An AP report from a few weeks ago paints one small part of a horrendously bleak picture ...

3700 US companies and Federal contractors who were delinquent in their Federal tax bill received money from Obama's stimulus.

These 3700 companies owed more than $757,000,000 dollars in back taxes.

These 3700 companies received a total of over $24,000,000,000 in Federal stimlus funds from Obama.

S0 - we the taxpayers paid the back taxes for these tax cheats, and gave them a huge profit on top of it.

How does that make you feel? Do you think Obama would give you a handsome profit for being delinquent in your taxes?

The AP report did not mention any of the companies or entities involved. I do not know if this is because they couldn't get that information, or if they deliberately chose to not publish what is probably a lengthy list of Unions and Democrat campaign contributors.

Also mentioned was that only 13 of these 3700 companies are currently under investigation for possible misuse of taxpayer money.

Given that Biden was in charge of overseeing this, I think he ought to be held acocuntable.

I truly wish Republican leadership in the House would launch an investigation and tell us exactly where all of Obama's stimulus went to. Tell us who got how much, and for what. I'd push for release at the end of next summer, right before election season.

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