Friday, August 7, 2009

This, My Friends, Is A Crime

No, I'm not making any reference to this man's immigration status .....

I'm talking about the leaf blower. This is one of the most insidious inventions man has ever come up with.

The leaf blower is intended to help you clean up after your yard work, right?


The leaf blower is intended to make someone else clean up after your yard work!

The whole point is to blow your debris over onto the neighbor's yard, or out into the street - anywhere that you won't have to pick it up. That's why this is the most important piece of equipment on a landscaper's trailer - it cuts their job time tremendously, because they don't have to pick up the results of their efforts.

A few months ago, a landscaper was cutting a neighbor's yard. He had used his blower to get rid of the debris, and a large pile of clippings had ended up piled against my truck, parked on the street. I approached him, and told him he needed to clean up the mess. The look on his face was not anger, it was puzzlement - he had no concept of what I was talking about, even after I explained it to him. He finally did clean it up, by blowing it one house down from mine. Lazy bastard.

Blowing debris out into the right of way is, by the way, illegal. However, you're not going to find any cops writing tickets for it, since they've all got their own blowers in their garages.


Anonymous said...

Dear 67Cougar,
Have you considered purchasing your own blower to defend your home and the right to blow the debris right back into the landscaper's face? Just a thought...

Kath said...

I don't know about that, AP, they might end up with Battle of the Blowers!!

67Cougar said...

He would lose. I've got a 425hp, 4mpg, 3400lb. 'leaf blower' in the garage.

Anonymous said...

Somehow 67Cougar, I knew you would!