Monday, August 3, 2009

Socialist NY Rep Gets an Earful

Rep Tim Bishop (D-NY) held a town hall meeting for his Long Island constituents back on June 22. He got an earful from his 'supporters', everyday folks who are furious at his blind support of Obama's socialist agenda. This is being replayed all over the nation now that we're in the Congressional recess - folks are pissed, and they're letting their reps know it.

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Kath said...

In our wonderful local arena Steny Hoyer said, "You folks that are protesting don't know the facts." The video is on Fox News.

This is what you get -- oh, you're wrong, you don't know. Only they know? I disagree! Congressmen and Senators have jobs, until we vote them out, they have health care, they obviously can act however they want and say whatever they want.

But we can vote.