Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Walmart Craps on Texas

I really don't have negative feelings towards Walmart.  The store serves its purpose.

However ...

A recent trip to the local Wally World showed evidence of a communist, socialist, Obama led plot against the Republic of Texas.  (there's just no other explanation for it ...)

A mid-aisle display had just been put out.  You know, one of those shipping pallets that doubles as a display unit.  On it were multiple cardboard boxes containing airconditioning filters.  The boxes are decorated so as to look like a Texas state flag, and had red/white/blue outlines of longhorn heads on them.  Boldly in white on the boxes was printed 'Buy Local, Made In Texas'.

The purpose is obvious - convince folks to buy these filters because they are made by Texans, in Texas.

Problem is, it ain't so ...

Curiosity got the best of me, so I looked closely at the packaging.  According to their own labeling, the filters were made and distributed by CTM Enterprises, a company in Las Vegas, NV.  (at least it wasn't China, or Mexico).  The filters in these boxes had been produced more than five years ago.

Both Walmart and CTM Enterprises appear to have been in on the scam - Walmart's logo is printed on the boxes, as is CTM Enterprises (stating they are based in Houston).   I can find no evidence on the internet that indicates that these filters were made anywhere in Texas, or any evidence that CTM Enterprises has a facility in Texas other than a distribution office.

(Full disclosure - internet research seems to indicate that CTM Enterprise's products are high quality, and are indeed made in the US.)

Now, if anyone at Walmart or CTM Enterprises would care to provide me with proof that these filters were indeed produced in the State of Texas, I will happily print a correction right here for all to see.

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Anonymous said...

What ever happened to Walmart's "Made in America" campaign? Supposedly in order to have their stores built in your community they would only sell made in America products, right? Have you lately looked at the origin tags on their products? Most of what they sell lately is made in China. And now your hometown downtown is gone. Keep that in mind next time you shop at your local super-center.