Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Obama Endorses Same Sex Marriage - Finally

President Obama has finally come out and publicly declared his support for same sex marriage.  We've known all along that this was his position, but he has refused to state it due to the political firestorm that will result.

His far left base has been after him to do this since before his election.  His handlers have refused to let him do so, because gay marriage is a lightening rod social issue.  A lot of Democrats are not in favor of gay marriage, and this has the potential to cost him a lot of votes in November.  It will not gain him any votes, since obviously the vast majority of those in favor of same sex marriage were going to vote for him anyway.

Consider that in the 30 states where gay marriage has come up on the ballot, it has been defeated in every one of them.  North Carolina is the latest, just this past weekend, where it was soundly defeated.

Obama risks alienating a lot of Blacks, Hispanics, and middle of the road white Democrats with this proclamation.  It will be interesting to see how he tapdances around it, trying to limit the damage.

I applaud Obama for coming out and publicly stating this - not because I agree or disagree with him on the issue, but because for this one time at least, he appears to be honest about an issue no matter what the political focus groups are telling him.

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