Monday, May 7, 2012

Local Media News

These little bits won't be of interest outside the DFW area, but I thought they were worth mentioning.

Mark Davis, longtime conservative radio talk show host in the Dallas area, has left his home at WBAP radio.  His voice had been heard their for 18 years, taking the prime morning time spot leading into the Rush Limbaugh show.  Well thought of, Mark was voice to conservative causes, a varotie of Republican, and some Democrat, politicians for his fairness and willingness to give voice to all sides (if they are reasonable).  A big supporter of our military and veterans causes.  A print columnist, and sometimes guest host for Rush.  Mark's contract with WBAP ran out, and the new owners of the station chose not to extend him a reasonable contract offer.  To the credit of all parties involved, their disagreement has pretty well been held out of the news, so I don't know any details.  However, Mark's tenure at WBAP is officially over.  The station has brought in someone I've never heard of from out of town to take his time slot - with the same conservative talk format.  Time will tell if that succeeds or not.  I, however, will not be listening to him - no offense to him, but I will follow Mark, if he ends up in an accessible format.

A longtime local TV news anchor was busted for DWI this past weekend.  This person was my favorite local newscaster, and has probably been with the current station for 20 years or so.  News reports indicate the person refused a breathalyzer, so indications are that they were probably guilty.  It will be very interesting to see what the reaction to this is, form the public, and from the TV station.  My own thoughts are mixed - the part of me famiiliar with this person's work wants to say 'so what, let it go'.  The part of me that abhors drunk driving would want the book thrown at them if they were a faceless nobody.  Recognizing I have a double standard is disturbing ...

Update - Well, Mark has found a new home for his broadcast in the DFW area.  AM660 is now hosting his morning show.  His first show was this past Monday, where he hosted about a dozen bigwig Republican politicians for on air interviews - all folks who have spent time with him on air in the past, welcoming him back to the airwaves.

One question I do have is about Rush's show.  Mark has done quite a bit of guest hosting for Rush in the past.  I wonder if he will be allowed to continue doing that, given Rush's show is broadcast on the station (WBAP820) that let Mark go. 

In addition to his local morning show, Mark will be doing Bill Bennett's national radio show on Friday mornings.

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Anonymous said...

Wanting a family member, friend or colleague let off the proverbial hook is natural. No double standard there in my opinion. It's done everyday behind the blue line.