Thursday, May 24, 2012

Slick Willy Strikes Again

I wonder where Hillary is?  Maybe in a South American bar getting shit-faced drunk again?

Here's a pic of the First Black President posted to Twitter today.  It was taken in Monaco, where Slick was appearing at a 'Nights in Monaco' rich persons gotta be seen at event.  (No word on how much Slick is being paid for his appearance).

Flanking the ex-Pres are, left to right, Jennifer Taule, Tasha Reign, and Brooklyn Lee.  These three lovely young ladies are porn stars.  Decorum prevents me from citing some of their film credits - if interested, just google their names and you'll see some pretty explicit stuff. 

Doesn't he fit right in with them?  Personally, I don't find anything out of character for him doing this.  I just wonder how many of them he tried to get up to his room to play 'Intern' with.  (You will notice that the one on his left is wearing a BLUE dress ...)

Picture credited to Twitter.

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