Tuesday, May 22, 2012

DC Comics Going Gay - Not Needed

So, DC Comics is about to 'out' one of its major superheroes as gay.  According to insiders, sometime in June, one of their crime fighters will come out of the closet, and proudly announce to the world that they like to engage in sword fights. 

This is just piling on, DC trying to capitalize on the current 'celebrate gay' environment.  With Obama being touted as the first gay President, having a comic book character announce it is pretty much backwater news, isn't it?

Internet comic book fiends are all abuzz, wondering who it will be.  The most votes seem to indicate they think it is Batman.  If Batman is, then Robin has to be as well, doesn't he?

Wonderwoman would be a logical choice, precedent has been established with Xena, Warrior Princess.

Aquaman?  Green Lantern (certainly a good choice, given the crappy recent movie).  I think the Flash could be it, the costume certainly looks the part (along with the inordinate amount of homage 'The Big Bang Theory' gives to the character).

In any case, DC is making an unnecessary move with this.  There were gay superheroes outed over 20 years ago ...

Update - Well, Green Lantern it is.  With all the references to Green Lantern used on The Big Bang Theory, I wonder if there is any hidden meaning buried in there?

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