Saturday, May 26, 2012

Barack The Magic Dragon

ABC News is not exactly known for being hard on our current President.  While not quite as completely in the pocket of the DNC as NBC, MSNBC, etc, it is very rare that you see any coverage from that organization that puts any kind of negative light on His Highness.

Well, take a look at this piece ....

Who would have known that our Pres was quite the pot smoking innovator? 

I dare anyone in Democrat land to try and defend this guy on this issue.  We've got someone in the White House who habitually abused illegal narcotics in his younger days.

Remember all the grief the left gave George Bush for his drinking during his youth (an activity that was LEGAL)?  Where are those holier-than-thou left wingers now?

I hope a couple of conservative SuperPACs get hold of this and keep it in the public eye until the election.  I know there are a lot of folks who would vote for him again that might change their minds if they realize what a drug head he used to be (at least I guess he USED TO BE) ...

Update - God Bless Alan West!  I will listen to anything this man has to say, but here he nails a heckler to the wall with a good reference to the issue of the current Pres being a drug head in his youth.  Well worth a listen!

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