Thursday, May 10, 2012

Liberals Should Be Outraged

We hear constantly that liberals hate what big money is doing to politics.  All we hear is how Wall St. bigwigs and rich white people buy influence with Republicans.  How special interest groups and lobbyists corrupt the party, and screw the little guys.

Well, here is another example, and boy, should they be pissed off about it.

Mitt Romney is having a fund raiser for his campaign this weekend.  A well known conservative bigwig is hosting the event at his home.  The price tag to just get in the door is a $40,000 donation to Romney's campaign.  It is estimated that $15,000,000 will be raised for his election effort just during that one evening.  Representatives of dozens of special interest groups will be there, hoping for a little face time with Mitt to forward their agendas.  Cameras and news folks will not be allowed inside, so they can't report on what is said by whom during this outrageous display of monetary gluttony.

Occupy whatevers ought to be camped outside of this home protesting this outrage.  Democrats all across the country should be denouncing this horrible example of Republican/Conservative twisting of our political process.  It is horrible, and they should be doing everything they can to stop it.

Correct?  Am I misrepresenting what their reaction should be?

Well, digest this ...

This event is actually happening this weekend, with just a couple of small details differing from what I stated above.  The event is being held at George Clooney's house in Hollywood, and the guest of honor is Barack Obama.  His campaign will receive that 15 million dollar infusion. 

All that money is coming from rich people, mostly Hollywood liberals, the vast majority of whom are white.  They are in no way shape or form what liberals call the '99 percenters'. 

If anyone on the left is reading this, please ask yourself this question (and you can be honest, no one but you will know your answer).  You would really be pissed off at Mitt Romney if he did this.  Are you just as pissed at Obama, since he is actually doing it?

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