Thursday, December 22, 2011

What The Hell Is A Kardashian?

Can someone tell me what the hell a Kardashian is? I keep hearing references to females with this last name, and I simply don't understand what they are.

As far as I can tell, they don't do anything, but they're famous? They don't sing, don't act, don't produce anything, so why are they famous?

Here in the Dallas area, we've been dumped into Kardashian-mania, I guess. The Mavericks hired Lamar Odom for their team from the Lakers, and he's married to one of them? I admit to not understanding why shots of this creature in the crowd dominates Maverick broadcasts now. This woman dominated local TV news coverage yesterday, because she set up a table in front of Dallas City Hall to sign autographs. Huh? What has she done to warrant 2000 people standing in line to get her autograph? (I will grant you that it was done for charity, and the event collected several thousand toys for kids - and that is a good thing - but why would anyone want this woman's picture?)

These women dominate the tabloids, both in print and broadcast so much that there has to be at least a dozen of them. I confess to not knowing how many there are, or what their names are - and I proudly state that I don't care.

WTF does it say about our society when people who do nothing but use up oxygen are held in such high esteem by so many airheads? (And no, I'm not talking about Obama, even though that statement is just as true about him!)

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