Wednesday, December 14, 2011

I Am Sick Of The War Against My Religion

I am not the most religious person in the world, that's a fact. However, I am a Christian, and I hold Christian beliefs. I am sick and tired of my religion being constantly under attack in this country by another religion.

I am talking about atheism.

Confused? Bear with me a bit ...

Atheism is a religion, just as much as Christianity, Judaism, Islam, and all the other recognized religions of the world. Atheists would have you believe (pardon the pun) that they are free of religion, completely independent of faith. That is bullshit.

Atheism is the belief, the faith that there is no God (or Gods, as the case may be). Well, to believe that there is no God is in itself a belief, is it not? No one has empirical evidence of God's non-existance. No atheist can show me proof that there is no God. They may show me things they BELIEVE indicate there is no God ... they may present arguments they BELIEVE show there is no God ... but there's that nasty word again, belief.

To BELIEVE there is no God is just as much a religion as BELIEVING there is a God.

Here is my belief - people of all religions should be tolerant of people of other religions, as long as their religions do not cause harm. Atheists, a member of one religion, cause harm when they attack other religions. In this country, the targets are mostly Christian in nature, and the attack is always guised under 'freedom from religion'. Our Constitution does not guarantee freedom FROM religion, it guarantees freedom OF religion. Atheists are free to practice their religion. I am free to practice my religion. When atheists demand for removal of Christian symbols, or to prevent any Christian proceedings, their religion is attacking my religion. This is especially heinous during the Christmas season (after all, it is Christ-mas, isn't it?).

A common complaint by atheists is about exposing kids to Christian values in school. Even the word Christmas itself is under attack in our schools. Well, that's certainly not any worse than exposing kids to atheist values in school - they're both religions.

Atheists - back off. I don't try to convert you to Christianity. I don't care if you believe there is no God - that is your business, and I respect your right to hold your belief. Kindly stop attacking my right to to hold my belief.

And ... I wish you all a Merry Christmas, and a Happy New Year - even if you don't BELIEVE in the reason for the season.

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