Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Perry - Misunderstood and Misrepresented

Rick Perry's latest ad - 'Strong' - has created a firestorm of criticism. All of that criticism is because folks either do not understand it, or are choosing to ignore what it actually says in order to cut him down.

His opponents and liberals all over the place are outraged at his denegration of gays and lesbians serving openly in the military. Problem is, that's not what he said.

He asks a simple question: In a country where gays can serve openly in the miltary, why is it that children aren't allowed to say a prayer in school, or even mention the word Christmas? If our society is open enough and tolerant enough to allow one, why not the other?

At no point does he say anything negative about gays or lesbians. Those who are freaking out about this either aren't listening to what he is saying, or don't care and just want to use it against him. Politics as usual.

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