Thursday, December 29, 2011

Taxpayer Funded Help For Busted Illegals

Obama's DHS, through its ICE component, has launched a 24/7 hotline intended to provide advice and information for illegal immigrants who are busted by local authorities. ICE agents will man the phones 24/7, providing service to illegals in several different languages. They will take information from the caller, and then send that information to a local ICE office for what they term 'immediate action'. What that action might be, other than going down and harrassing the local authorities and trying to prevent them from doing their jobs, is not explained.

Here's the official press announcement:

So, the Obama Administration once again extends the hand of friendship to illegal immigrants in the hope of buying their votes, all paid for by you and me.

(And before anyone quips 'illegals can't vote', well, that's bullshit. Illegal immigrant votes are one of the biggest reasons Obama, his DoJ, and Democrats in general are so opposed to strengthening voter fraud laws, such as requiring a photo ID to be able to vote.)

As a Natural Born American Citizen, and a taxpayer who is paying for this service, can I call these people for help if the local authorities give me a hard time? Might be worth a call, just to hear how they decline the opportunity to assist me.

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