Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Die, Mouse ... Die!!!!

I call on my massive reading audience out there (all 3 of you) to boycott all things Disney.

The move by Disney to Trademark the term 'Seal Team Six' hours after the raid that killed Bin Laden is one of the lowest, dirtiest money grubbing actions a corporation has ever done. There is absolutely no valid reason for the company to have done this, except for profit. For them to profit from the actions of the brave service members who performed the action is obscene.

I understand there is some legal action being pursued to invalidate the Disney claim - I hope it doesn't come up in a northern CA court!

Where is the outrage from the left about this? Their panties are all in a wad over evil Big Oil making money for a product they actually produce and sell. Why aren't they more upset at this blatant ripoff by a big corporation?

Disney can go to hell. They certainly won't be getting anymore of my money!

This sure ain't Walt Disney's Disney ... he's got to be turning in his grave ...

Update - The US Navy announced that Disney had withdrawn their filing. No comment from Disney itself yet.

I take full and complete credit for this. My boycott obviously scared Disney into backing down. The US Navy's previous efforts had nothing to do with Disney's decision. It was Me, My, I ...

(sorry, had to put my Obama hat on for a moment there ...)

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