Thursday, May 19, 2011

Why Do American Jews Vote Democrat?

I have never understood the insistence of the majority of Jewish people in this country to consistently vote Democrat. Their unfailing allegiance to Democrat candidates is always counted on and taken for granted by Democrat leaders. Those same leaders have consistently shit upon Isreal. I just simply don't understand it.

Consider the last three Democrat Presidents:

Jimmy Carter - while in office, very much pro-Arab. He did broker some peace agreements during that time, but they almost all were to the detriment of Isreal. Since he has left office, he has become one of the most bitter anti-Semitic people who have ever been in high office in this country. His pro-Palestine, pro-arab, anti-Isreal stance on everything is legendary.

Billary Clinton - The Clintons weren't as out and out anti-Isreal during their tenure. However, what little was done about the Middle East during the 90s was also to Isreal's detriment in order to benefit the arab nations around the Jewish State. The most use the Clintons had for Isreal was around election time, when they hit up rich American Jews for hundreds of thousands of campaign dollars.

Barack Obama - This man just hates Isreal. That is plain to see. He has consistently chastised the Isrealis, demanded they make concessions, sided with Palestinians, arabs, and anyone else who stood against Tel Aviv. His demand today on TV that Isreal drop back to within its pre-1967 borders, without receiving any concessions from its enemies, is a slap in the face to that country, and it should be taken as such by all Jews in America. This man is sucking up to Islam, sucking up to the arab world, sucking up to terrorists, and trying his best to punish our best ally in the region. I truly believe the Barack Obama thinks the world would be a better place if Isreal didn't exist.

Now consider how Republican Presidents, all the way back to Richard Nixon, have treated Isreal. They treated the country like a valued ally, not a simmering enemy. They have defended Isreal, its right to exist, and its people in the face of overwhelming arab hatred. They have made sure that isreal has received the weapons, technology, and other aid it needs to continue to thrive in spite of being surrounded by enemies.

I'm not a Jew, so I may not be able to understand the finer points of this. But, it sure seems to me that American Jews would support candidates of the party that has consistently treated the Jewish Homeland as a friend, not a roadblock, an enemy, or just a source of campaign contributions.


Anonymous said...

I also am not Jewish but my best guess as to why Jews vote Democrat is that they are turned off by the social conservative Christians in the GOP. You would think they would be able to put up with them in lieu of the liberal, anti-jewish Black coalitions (i.e. Jesse Jackson, Al Sharpton) that back the Democrats. Other than the bible thumpers in the GOP, I can't see why the Jewish people would support the Dems.

addie said...

We tend to vote for the Dems because we do not hate poor people or people with opinions that are different than our own or women or even minorites and we certainly do not believe the constitution is something to be taken lightly as the GOP seems to, also none of the Jews I know (and I live in New York, NY) would say someone should move out of the country because they are Reps, while I have heard the reverse often, oh and we appreciate the importance of the seperation of church and state, even most Christians being honest with themselves cannot say they feel the seperation of church and state is a good thing.
By the way, I am not speaking about Hassidic Jews, my guess is they do vote republican, but I have no idea, really.

Also intelligent Blacks do not see people like Al Sharpton as representing them and Jews have always been at the forefront, in this country, for fighting social injustice. Jews do not see Blacks as the enemy, maybe that idiot sharpton, but not blacks.

67Cougar said...

Addie - I mean no offense, but what are you smoking? I presume from your note that you consider yourself a Democrat.

One of your statements really sticks out to me. "We do not take the Constitution lightly, as the GOP seems to". Seriously?

The left in this country, from Obama on down, consider the Constitution as a road block to what they want. If it doesn't say what they want it to, they ignore it.

The vast majority of the GOP believe the Constitution is the ultimate law of the land, and to be upheld. I don't hear any Republicans demanding that the Constitution needs to be changed, or 'interpreted'. In fact they are demonized by the left for hodling the view that the Constitution is not a 'living document'.

Seems to me that the left considers the Constitution lightly, or irrelevent if they disagree with it. I have no idea how you could see it otherwise.

67Cougar said...

Addie - I have another question as well, and this one is serious, not sarcastic. I truly don't know the answer to this.

How do the majority of American Jews feel towards Isreal? On the surface, we are led to believe that the Jewish State is second home to all Jews who don't live there, and very special to them. Is this truly the case?

The ongoing strong support for a clearly anti-Isreal President by American Jews has me wondering if my belief is incorrect.

addie said...

Well, yes, I was pretty awful there, but I am not smoking anything lol.
GOP people will call someone a commie when the person disagrees with them or say the person should move to another country if they disagree with the war, etc, also mixing church and state is not a Democratic thing it is a republican thing. The war itself was started despite the constitution and some of the laws changed and became unconstututional after 9/11, those changes were made by republicans.
In NYC, for instance, cops can search people for no reason, anytime anyplace. The NYC police, sheesh!
And don't get me started on Guantanamo Bay. You may respect the Constitution, but your party is not so crazy about it.
-I guess I consider myself a Democrat, but both parties act so badly, you hate to align yourself too closely to anyone.
Call me a Truman Democrat.
I do not watch enough news to be the spokesperson for Jews here, I watch westerns and war picters and Film Noir, but not so much news.
Is The pres pro palestine or just anti israel?

I think because Jews have been killed anywhere thet have EVER lived and no country has been truly willing to help them, too much, they needed a home base of their own, even though it is a religion and not a nationality.
I am an atheist, but isn't Israel suppossed to be Jewish, biblically speaking and then historically jews were plunked down there, they did not just go there and start taking over.

Yes, yes, yes, Israel is crucial to Jews, they had no where to go when they tried to flee the Nazis' Roosevelt would not let them come here, no country would help them, not like the support the Nazi's got from all over after the war. So yes, Israel means everything. Israel and Florida. lol
I guess anyone who had settled there would have been hated by the Palestinans, but Jews are so, universally disliked, it is fashionable to make us the bad guys (we were blamed for the plague for petes sake).
I am not sure why, we are very nice B)

I wish the Constitution, what lead up to it and the document itself was a class of its own in HSs, don't you? People take it for granted, whicht drives me nuts.

Sorry if i was too cranky before, you sound like you might be okay for a right-wing nutter.
addie B)

67Cougar said...

I appreciate your comments. I don't agree with most of them, but they are thoughtful and not so full of hate as most folks are these days.

You and I might not agree on much politically, but we could probably call each other friend.

That is unless you are a big Miami Heat fan ... then YOU'RE THE ENEMY!!!!

smiles ...

addie said...

Mostly I am just trying to figure things out.
And I am with you on, "The Heat!"
I used to worry that I was too liberal, but than I met someone who was a pacifist and it drove me crazy!
I kept coming up with situations that backed him into a corner so he would have to give in and admit he would fight if the situation occured. I also had him leaning towards the death penalty. He died himelf, before I could get him thinking right. lol