Sunday, May 15, 2011

The CFL Scam, Part Deaux

How do you feel about paying $50 for a light bulb?

An update on the CFL scam I wrote about recently.

As of Jan.1, 2012, it will be illegal for anyone to manufacture or import 100 watt incandescent (normal) light bulbs. On Jan. 1, 2014, that ban will apply to all incandescent light bulbs of 40 watt ratings or higher. The light bulb as we know it will be illegal, and unavailable, courtesy of your wonderful federal government.

Compact Flourescent Bulbs have been touted as the successor, but don't give out as much light, don't last as long, and requirte a hazmat team to (legally) clean them up if they break. They cost up to 1000% more than incandescent bulbs.

Another technology that has been eagerly awaited is LED. This will give as much or more light for considerably less wattage (which is a good thing), and will definitely last longer, but get this ... the TARGET price for retailers, the price they are trying to get the LED bulbs DOWN to, is 45-50 dollars per bulb!

Some industry analysts are predicting that LED bulbs may drop in price down to $12-15 apiece by 2015.

If you like your old fashioned cheap light bulbs, better stock up now. The closer we get to these dates, the harder they will be to find. Some stores and manufacturers have already stopped restocking them.

Isn't it amazing how everytime the Federal Government steps in and regulates something, something that they absolutely have to control because we everday citizens are too stupid (in their minds) to make our own decisions, it ends up costing we everyday citizens a bunch of money?

I mean, really ... in two years, I'm going to be paying 1500 percent more (or higher) for a replacement for a perfectly good lightbulb.

There has NEVER, EVER been a government regulation that has resulted in savings to the taxpayer. PERIOD!

Update - Edmund Contoski over at The American Thinker has some thoughts on this that show some even more critical concerns about CFLs than their cost. Worth a read ...

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