Thursday, May 12, 2011

Time Cops Got Bin Laden!

A German newscast has unveiled the secret about SEAL Team Six that no one in the government wants us to know about: They're time travelers!

Mike Locher, anchor for N24 News, had no clue he was being spoofed when he was trying to explain this logo as the official emblem of SEAL Team Six. It is actually something made up by a fan of Star Trek, as the emblem of a fictional partisan group called the Maquis. Those of you into Star Trek will know what that means. Those of you who aren't, don't worry about it, it's just science fiction. Someone apprently, as a joke, added the Team Six wording. Somehow, these news clowns ended up with it, and believed it to be real.

Mr. Locher even went so far as to try and explain the items on the emblem; "They don't have the skull on there for nothing." For some reason, he failed to explain the phaser, the Klingon skull, and a Klingon sword, not to mention the name 'Maquis'.

This is too funny. It's almost as stupid as the crap that comes out of MSNBC.

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