Thursday, October 14, 2010

My Money Supports This?????

A substantial part of my paycheck goes to Texas Tech University each month. The cost of sending a kid to college is outrageous (Hey Obama - why aren't you doing something about THAT?).

The biggest user of money on that campus, and many other university campuses across the nation, is the football program. The university will deny it, but a good sized chunk of what I pay them goes to fund the football team and their bazillion dollar stadium. The football program makes the university millions of dollars annually, from ticket sales, revenue sharing, sponsorships, and hundreds of licensing deals. They take in far more than it takes to operate the football team. Does that money go back into the school, to improve facilities, hire teachers, or help cut tuition costs? Hell no ... all of it goes right back into expanding the football program.

You would think that all of that money, not to mention the fact that Tech is known as an engineering school, would mean that you'd have a high caliber, well coached, intelligent student athlete representing the school on the football field. Apparently not, at least not in this case ...

Texas Tech vs. Baylor recently. Tech tries an onside kick. The kick doesn't go the required 10 yards. What follows should be an embarrassment to the entire school, and cause the coach to resign for allowing it to happen ....


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