Friday, October 1, 2010

NASA Head Bolden - Fire This A*Hole Right NOW!

Charles Bolden, head of NASA - chosen by Obama to head the NATIONAL AERONAUTICS and SPACE ADMINISTRATION.

This jackass needs to be fired right now.

Hundreds of NASA and contractor workers who have been on the space shuttle program are being laid off right now. The Shuttle program is on the edge of retirement. Manned space flight as we know it has been shot down by Obama's Administration, with Bolden's agreement. NASA's budget is in a shambles, and money is being wasted at an incredible rate on projects and initiatives that have absolutely nothing to do with aeronautics or space.

Bolden told the world that Obama had made NASA's primary objective to help relations with Muslims around the world. Just WTF does that have to do with the NATIONAL AERONAUTICS and SPACE ADMINISTRATION?????????

Well, Charles Bolden, who has apparently been named ambassador to the Muslim religion by Obama, is embarking upon an overseas trip this weekend. The first country he will stop in is Saudi Arabia. There he will be attending a Saudi sponsored technology conference, and participating in a celebration marking the 25th anniversary of the first Muslim to fly in the Space Shuttle (a member of the Saudi Royal family).

Okay, why was there not a celebration of the first Christian to fly in the Space Shuttle? First Jew? First Buddhist? First Atheist?

From Saudi Arabia, he will fly to Nepal, where he will give a keynote address to a climate change conference.

That's right ... the head of the NATIONAL AERONAUTICS and SPACE ADMINISTRATION is spending a boatload of taxpayer money going overseas to suck up to foreign Muslims and schmooze with a bunch of eco-nazis.

What a F***ing joke ... just exactly the kind of thing you'd expect from Obama and his cronies.

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