Thursday, October 21, 2010

Nazified Progressive Radio Stomps On Free Speech

I'm not going to get into the details of NPR's firing of Juan Williams. It has certainly been discussed plenty over the past couple of days.

I do think it should scare all Americans that the left wing kook fringe has so much control over the mainstream media. NPR has always been known for its liberal views and policital stances - no surprise there. But to fire one of their own, a devout liberal, because he wasn't liberal enough? Because he dared to appear on Fox News to help represent liberal viewpoints?

This should serve as yet another lesson on who is controlling most of our media. Soros, Huffington, Move-On, etc ... they are spending millions of dollars buying up journalists and media outlets to make sure that their story is the only one heard by the public. They scatter like cockroaches when the light of real journalism, real truth finds them. They fight to stay in the dark, manipulating what we see and hear to help further their left wing socialist agenda. Think I'm a right wing kook for saying that? How many liberals has Fox News fired for voicing their opinions on the air? How many conservatives have they shown the door because they weren't speaking from the Fox News printed guidelines? Not a single one ....

Update -

"Americans feel, you know, that there's nothing wrong in telling someone how you feel. And then to be punished for that is unfair, and it amounts to censorship. It is important that people be able to talk to each other across political lines." - Juan Williams, Oct. 24

Mr. Williams ... I do not agree with much that you say on air, your stances are far too liberal for me. However, you have always been fair, even handed, and respectful of those who don't agree with you - at least when I've seen your appearances. Nothing that has happened in this fiasco should be a surprise to you. You know as well as anyone that to the far left, Freedom of Speech is only applicable to speech that agrees with them. In their viewpoint, alternative views are evil, to be demonized, and to be prevented whenever possible.

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