Thursday, October 14, 2010

Adam Lambert Caves

Adam Lambert ... as big an 'in your face' gay person as there is. Not only openly gay, he goes out of his way to make sure you know it. I have never seen him sing, have no interest in him whatsoever. I don't care about his lifestyle- I find his arrogant style mildly annoying, but no big deal. He is no more worth consideration than Lady GaGa - or whatever the hell that creature calls herself today.

Lambert is in Malaysia on tour. The local government told him to tone his act down, to cut out some of the more risque antics on stage, including his staged kissing of one of his male musicians.

The government of this primarily Muslim country routinely demands that 'artists' comply with their standards of conduct. Lambert agreed to do so, saying:

" ... main goal is to keep people entertained, not to make them uncomfortable."

"It's something I'm doing out of respect. It's just one little thing. Man kissing another man is something their government really doesn't appreciate."

OK, Mr. Lambert. I don't have any real problem with any of this. However, I must ask you this ...

You have caved in to a Muslim demand to tone down behaviour that is viewed as repulsive and against their religious beliefs.

If a city in the United States, whose population was primarily of a religion that also found your behaviour to be offensive, asked you to eliminate the offensive parts of your act for a performance in that town, what would your answer be?

Be honest now. Would you comply, and respect their wishes as you have to the Muslims in Malaysia? Or would you go kicking and screaming to the press about what an outrage it is, what an infringement of your free speech it is, how homophobic it is? Would you not go out of your way to further outrage that city's residents by showing off an even more 'in your face' display?

Mr. Lambert, I don't care if you are gay. I don't mean this posting as any kind of statement on gays or lesbians. It is a statement about the hypocrisy and manufactured outrage that is shown in this country about subjects like straight/gay, or racism.

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