Thursday, September 30, 2010

Seriously Bad Ass Racing

You know, its got to be something in our genetic makeup. If there is a machine that moves, man will find a way to race each other with it. Sometimes it is spectacular, like NASCAR or NHRA. Sometimes you look at it and go WTF?

Lawn Mower racing. Yes, for those of you not redneck enough to already know about this 'sport' ... lawn mower racing takes place all over the US. There are even competing professional organizations, and season long points championships. It has spread north of the border, and overseas, where England has a pro series.

Snowmobile racing, and not just on snow! Drag racing on pavement, drag racing on grass, drag racing on snow, and circle track racing on snow. What's a Canadian redneck - a hoser? Well, this is a hoser 'sport' all the way. Except ... I saw TV coverage of drag racing runs at the Texas Motorplex near Dallas - the same strip where Tony Schumacher won the NHRA event last weekend (see below).

JetSprint Boat Racing. This actually looks like it would be fun. Makes the wildest rollercoaster you've ever seen look tame!

How about competitive chain saw cutting, with a Chevy V-8 powered saw?

Swamp Buggy Racing ...

ATV Mud Racing ... (I'm not sure this is an actual sport, more likely just a bunch of drunk hicks trying to show off)

It's amazing more folks don't kill themselves doing stupid stuff like this!

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