Wednesday, July 25, 2012

WTF Fashion Srikes Again

During a visit to the local Post Office today, I observed a couple of attractive, young Hispanic ladies exiting the facility.  Late teens, probably.  Dressed identically in skin tight tshirts, skinny jeans, and ... rubber galoshes.

Now, I have seen a few pre-teens in malls wearing pink Hello Kitty rubber boots, and that looked stupid enough.  But this?  A little internet research shows that this is indeed some kind of twisted fashion statement by teenage girls.

Besides the plain stupidity of how this looks, I have a question:

How bad are these girl's feet gonna smell when they take those boots off after a day of walking around in 102 degree heat, in unventilated, knee high, oversized, rubber work galoshes?  Talk about knocking a buzzard off a gut wagon ...

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