Sunday, July 29, 2012

Obama's 1984 - Well Underway

The left's vision of a society where a small group of government ideologs control everything in our lives, because they know better than we do, is continuing to advance whether we want it to or not.

The latest is more insanity from the mind of Michael Bloomberg, Lunatic-In-Chief of New York City.

Bloomberg has decided he and his close advisors are going to save New Yorkers from themselves.  Bans on trans fats in restaurants, bans on smoking, bans on drinks containing sugar, bans on salt, rules concerning how big a bag of popcorn can be sold, etc.  While some of what he proposes and puts into place in a dictatorial fashion might be good for a person to decide for themselves, it is not government's right or responsibility to micromanage every detail of our lives.  Period.

Those ont he left are anxiously observing his efforts.  Make no mistake - they would love to institute control over us like this all across our nation.

Bloomberg's latest adventure in government overreach?  Forcing new mothers to breast feed.  Seriously ...

The Latch on NY program will restrict access to formula in New York hospitals.  The purpose is to force moms who have delivered in those facilites to breast feed their kids, rather than feed them formula.  Formula will no longer be given in new mom kits.  Formula will be held behind locked cabinets, and controlled with the same zeal as prescription drugs.  Formula will be provided to moms only upon request, one can at a time, if the mom's doctor will provide a medical reason for formula rather than breast milk, and will be delivered only after a hospital administrator has given a speech to the mom on how bad she is for giving formula to their child.  Every can or bottle of formula delivered will be documented in patient records, just like prescription drugs.

A spokesperson for Staten Island University Hospital (which is embracing the new edict), Lisa Paladino stated that "The key to getting more moms to breastfeed is making the formula less accessible.  This way, the RN has to sign out the formula like any other medication.  The nurse's aid can't just go get another bottle."

So, you stupid moms - you aren't capable of making the right decision.  Your government has decided that you must breastfeed your child, no matter what you think, wish, or believe.  How do you like that?  If they can force you to breastfeed, one of the most intimate aspects of your personal life, what else can they force you to do?

This isn't some wild proposal that has no chance of being put into action.  This is a new rule in the city of New York, and it will be put into place on September 3.  I wonder how many New Yorkers actually know this is being done.

Update - Where the hell is the National Organization for Women on this?  The NAGs are militantly opposed to any restrictions at all on a woman's choice whether or not to abort a child.  Shouldn't they be rioting in NY's streets over this restriction on a woman's choice of how to feed their child?  (Of course they won't - NAGs are just a bunch of haard left liberals who are using woman's rights to hide their efforts.)

Where is the ACLU on this, and Bloomberg's other edicts restricting personal freedom?  Aren't they against all government oversight and control?  (Of course not - they just want to forward a liberal agenda, and are using civil rights and other causes to hide behind.)

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Anonymous said...

Bloomberg is a pervert. He needs to be removed from his office....lots of luck there.