Thursday, July 26, 2012

Someone In The White House Is Guilty Of Treason

I am astounded at how little coverage the intelligence leaks from Obama's White House is getting in the mainstream media.  Normally, it wouldn't be such a surprise - the media is doing everything it can to shield Obama from any negativity.  However, with uber-left wing Senator Dianne Feinstein coming out a few days ago and stating, publicly, that it was obvious that some of the leaks had come from the White House, you would think that would at least get the media interested.  Apparently not.

I'm not going to go into detail about what the leak scandal is about - it is well documented, though you would have to dig to find the information.  What is not well documented is how damaging these leaks have been.  Our allies are in complete dismay that secrets involving them are being spit out by the New York Times, for the express purpose of making Obama look good.  Classified operations, names of intelligence sources, secret programs, details about how things work ... have all been given to reporters so that they will write stories that make Obama look good.

The nature of the information and very restricted access to it has narrowed the list of possible leakers down to a very few people in Obama's Administration.  Indeed, many news sources have identified the most likely candidate as Obama's National Security Advisor, Tom Donilon. This man is supposedly the only one who had access to all of the information at all of the locations involved.

Tom Donilon is a long time Democrat political hack.  He has absolutely no experience in Intelligence or Defense, yet he was awarded a top level, incredibly powerful, position by Obama for his long time contributions to Democrat political aspirations.  Donilon leads the President's Daily Brief, where Obama is apprised of all the threats to the United States from around the world - so he has access to damn near everything.  Many Washington insiders refer to him, privately, as the Leaker-In-Chief.

Obama has stonewalled any investigation, instead arranging for a couple of Holder's DoJ stooges to run an 'investigation' into the leaks.  That is outrageous - they are supposedly running an impartial investigation of the man they work for?  The stonewall is transparent - its only purpose is to delay any real investigation into this until after the election, when even if the guilty parties are found, so what?  Obama still has his four more years.

When Sen. Feinstein came out and made her comments, from her position on the Senate Intelligence Committee, it turned heads, and should have started the red lights and sirens in the media.  Here is one of His Highness' loyal minions crying out in frustration over the incredible treason taking place in the White House.  In the days since, Obama's thugs have gotten to her, and forced her to backtrack the statement.  However, it's now out there, and can't be erased.

White House spokesman Jay Carney has modified his answers over the past couple of weeks to questions regarding the leaks.  He is being very careful about how he phrases things - threee weeks ago there were flay denials any leaks came from the White House.  Now, Obama has no direct knowledge of any leaks from the White House.  The story changes, to help cover Obama's ass when this eventually blows up in their faces.

Watergate ... anyone remember that, or even the name?  It was an incident that resulted in the only resignation of a sitting President in our history.  The name Richard Nixon is now equated with humiliation and being a 'crook'.  Remember the glee that Democrats rolled in for years afterwards, having forced a sitting President out because they didn't like him?  Remember what Watergate was about?  Some political dirty tricks.  That was it.  No state secrets, no classified information, no leaking of operatives that endangered lives, no release of information that helped our enemies and hurt our allies.

Scotter Libby went to jail for two years because he got his timeline screwed up during Congressional testimony.  No secrets divulged, no national security issues.  Democrats in Congress didn't rest until he was convicted of something, anything, that would embarass President Bush.

Roger Clemons was put on trial for lying to Congress about steroid use.  He was found not guilty.  Five years of investigation, led by Democrats, about something that should have never been an issue before Congress in the first place.  Again, no impact on the government, no state secrets, no national security issues.

Obama, or one of his VERY close advisors, has committed treason agains the United States by repeatedly leaking classified information to the press, thereby endangering our National Security and that of our allies. 

This should be a huge campaign issue.  There should be independent investigations of this.  The American public should be demanding it.  People, at least one, should be going to jail for a very long time because of this.  President Obama should be made to answer for what his senior staff is doing in his name.  Watergate was NOTHING compared to this scandal. 

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